Thursday, 27 March 2014

Do the results of Hair transplant look natural ?

Yes, the results of hair transplant really look natural to enhance aesthetic facial looks.

The success rate of hair growth across the globe has drastically increased in patients who have undergone hair transplant surgery. People have realized that hair transplant is the only permanent answer way to cure baldness and to get natural hairs. 

At present, one may wonder how hair transplant gives natural hairs with successful results. Since, the hairs are taken from your own body to transplant on the affected bald area, you will see the end-results successfully. Modern means like FUT, FUE and Combo techniques are used to extract hair grafts.

Hair restoration surgery has witnessed the highest number of hair loss patients who are getting treated to transplant the hairs. The treatment is performed with a simple procedure, using advanced techniques with vast experienced of skillful surgeons. Success of hair transplant treatment also amounted due to its less invasive process without any use of incisions, little or no scars with quicker healing time. This surgery has transformed the life of the people for excellent prospects by producing natural hair growth. 

Interestingly, a patient can also opt for extracting large number of hair grafts in a single session to minimize multiple visits to the clinic. FUT or a combo method is applied to remove maximum number of hair grafts.

However, natural hair results also depend on the quality of treatment provided by expertise surgeon and his/her professional team. Hence, hair transplant has consistently proven to yield exceptional results for decades with affordable cost of the surgical treatment.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mega Session Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is widely known to be the best and only solution for eliminating baldness completely. There are several procedures of hair transplant treatment with advanced techniques FUT, FUE and Combo techniques are used in hair transplant surgery to graft the hairs from the area which gives healthy hair follicles and implanting to the affected bald area.

Mega Session Hair Transplant is one such procedure which is performed for curing baldness. It is the advanced procedure used in hair transplant treatment to graft more than3000 hair grafts in a one session. This type of procedure is preferred by patients who have huge baldness and wants to transplant a maximum number of hairs.

It takes one session or one day and the patient can get back to the work. More importantly, it saves time of the patient and it requires not further visit to the clinic or undergo multiple surgeries. It turns out to be affordable cost and the results are very effective.

In this type of hair transplant surgery, it requires just a single hair surgery to cover maximum bald area and this is the best way to cure baldness.

Although, mega session hair transplant is the best procedure to graft maximum hair follicles, some of the expertise clinics recommend hair transplant patients who are in their advanced stage of their baldness to take multiple sessions of the hair transplant surgery. This is because, with multiple sessions, one can get the most successful hair growth results.

Hence, mega session hair transplant allows grafting a more number of hair grafts in a single session to get achievable results.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Best Hair Transplant Results in India

Hair loss or baldness has affected most of the people irrespective of any age group or gender. There are several reasons why hair loss occurs in individuals, however; hair transplant is the one and the best available option to cure baldness For the Best Hair Transplant Results, a quality treatment using advanced features and procedures is required. Only few hair transplant clinics cater these techniques.

Impressive Hair Transplant Results :
Hair recovery time using advanced techniques such as FUT, FUE and Combo technique is quicker. However, for proactive and positive hair transplant results, one must follow post-surgery instructions. The hair transplant treatment gives you natural and permanent results. The results of the hair transplant are not the same for the individuals. It mainly depends upon the person to person and the type of techniques which are performed on the person.

One can see the initial hair growth results only in the 7 months and it takes about 12 to 16 months to get final hair transplant results. 

Besides, if an individual is having diabetic, the hair growth will be slightly less compared to healthy and normal person. For excessive smokers and alcohols, the hair growth will is less when compared to non-smoker or non-alcoholics. In case of aging people, the hair growth results will be less when compared to younger people.

However, hair transplant treatment is a proven and safest method of transplanting healthy hairs from the donor area of your body to the affected recipient area to get natural hairs. Last but not the least; exceptional hair transplant results also depend upon the type of hair clinic and hair transplant surgeon you choose to cure baldness effectively.

At New You Hair Clinic in Bangalore, India  you will find the best quality of hair transplant treatment performed by the best hair transplant surgeon Dr. Kishore Babu Pentyala.

Friday, 21 March 2014

How is Hair Transplant Procedures Done

Hair Transplant is a procedure which is carried out for people who are suffering from baldness or hair loss. It is the only permanent and natural solution to cure baldness effectively. Hair transplant treatment is carried out by using advanced techniques and procedures.

Basically, hair transplant is a surgical technique which allows extraction of hair follicles from a donor area and transplanting to the recipient area. It is primarily used to perform treatment on male patterns, but, due to rise in hair loss in females, it is also performed on female pattern baldness.

Best Techniques and Procedures to get Perfect Results :
Advanced techniques are used to transplant hairs to get natural hairs. FUT Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Combo (FUT and FUE) are used in hair transplant procedure to take healthy hair follicles from the donor site and implanted into the recipient site or bald site.

Types of Procedures
  • Dense Packing Technique : It is conducted on patients who are in their initial stage of baldness or looking out for thicker dense of hairs can pursue this type of technique. 
  • Mega Session Technique : It is type of procedure to transplant more than 3000  hair grafts in a single session. A person who has huge baldness can undergo this
      surgery and it saves  time. It is advisable for patients to take multiple sessions for
      achieving successful hair transplant results. 
  • Super Mega Session: It is another type of procedure which is performed on patients to implant maximum number of hair grafts in one surgical session by using a FUT / Strip method or a combination of both if FUT and FUE technique.
Hence, hair transplant is the best available solution to enhance for successful hair growth results using the latest techniques to enhance natural and beautiful hairs.


Hair Transplant Benefits

Hair transplant is widely used method which is performed for individuals who are affected with hair loss or baldness. People are realizing the fact that the hair transplant is the only which gives the best and effective results for hair growth results.

In Facial and Cosmetic Medical Science, advance techniques and innovative procedures are implemented in hair transplant surgery. Even now, researchers are trying to find new techniques and procedures to incorporate in hair transplant surgery. FUT, FUE and Combo methods are widely used innovative techniques which are carried out on various different procedures.

Hair transplant is treated for various cases such as a male hair loss pattern, female hair loss pattern, frontal hairline, lack of facial hairs, body hair loss treatment, hair loss due to fatal accident or burns and much more. Local anesthesia is used for these different surgical cases and the patient can return on the same day itself. For all these cases, FUT, FUE or a Combo technique is used.

The hair transplant involves following types of benefits :
  • Hair transplant gives you a guaranteed result.
  • A complete day care treatment.
  • Entire surgical process is less invasive.
  • Advanced techniques of hair transplant treatments are performed.
  • It is minimal or no side-effects.
  • It is an optimal and permanent solution for different types of hair loss.
  • Patient can undergo treatment in one surgical session.

Furthermore, hair transplant is the most cost-effective process and it gives you a complete satisfaction for value of money. The patients can see a major transformation on his/her your facial looks and it boosts self-confidence and self-esteem.

Hair transplant treatment has successful hair growth results from mild to severe hair loss. Hence, people prefer to opt for hair transplant surgery with quality treatment. 

Is Hair Transplant Safe ?

Yes, Hair Transplant is the safest procedure to replace the lost hairs. However, if it is performed by using advanced techniques by highly skilled professionals, you will have the best and natural hairs. Hair transplant does not give any sort of side-effects or any other further complications post-surgery.

Artificial Treatments vs Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant Surgery treatment is carried out with high quality of treatment which is easily assessed by successful end-results of the hair growth. Unlike artificial treatments such as hair weaving, hair bonding and hair wigs, hair transplant is the permanent fixture. Moreover, these artificial hair growth treatments are more expensive and it gives temporary results.

People are also looking out for hair oils, shampoos and conditioners to prevent hair fall. They only delay in baldness and are not permanently curable. These are made up of chemicals and excess use on the scalp will damage and destroy the hairs.One must not fall to the prey of advertisements and marketing of medicines which says that “hair loss can be cured or we will refund the money back if the results are not guaranteed.” Of course, there are certain medicines which help in preventing hair fall and some individuals are using it. But, it is also the fact that excess usage of medicines to cure baldness will give adverse side-effects.

Hair transplant is the simplest procedure which is performed to cure baldness. It is conducted by using hair follicles from your body and transplanting into the affected bald or scalp area. It does not have any side-effects, however; one can have a slight pain in the implanted area, which will be for only a limited period of time, no cuts or unnoticeable scars.

Hence, compared to other artificial treatments and medication, hair transplant is the safest method with an assured positive result.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Does hair transplant surgery really work ?

Yes, the hair transplant surgery is the only procedure to regain the lost hairs. It has consistently proven to be the most suitable surgery to cure hair loss or baldness with successful hair growth results. Hair transplant surgery is considered to be the most effective treatment for regaining the lost hairs.

Hair transplant is performed by extracting the hair follicles from the donor area (healthy area) and implanting into the recipient area (bald area). The hair follicles are taken from the patient’s own body, hence; it is not a foreign hair follicles which are implanted. Hairs will start to grow in the transplanted area to give natural and effective hair growth results.

Before and After Hair Transplant Surgery Results
You can compare before and after images as well as videos of hair transplant surgeries to know the successful hair growth results. There is a vast difference as people with baldness look older than their age.

Normally, it takes about 12 to 16 months of final hair growth results. You see the visible hairs in the transplanted area from 7 months after the surgery.

Patients are delighted to compare their present looks with their images (before hair transplant treatment) and are very much satisfied with thier present overall facial appearance. The visible patchy or bald area is completely disappeared and one can see their transformation in their facial looks. For men, lack of hairs on the face (beard and mustache region) will highlight less masculine appearance. However, with facial hair transplant surgery, one can get back their rejuvenated and handsome looks.

Thus, hair transplant surgery gives a real positive result to enhance natural and good looking hairs.